We offer a wide range of stainless steel sheets in AISI 304, AISI 316L, AISI 430, AISI 310S qualities.

In addition to those listed we have tear sheets as well as circular brushed sheets, in stock.

AISI 304 and AISI 316L quality sheets we offer in the first and second class.


We offer round stainless steel bars AISI 304, AISI 316L, AISI 4172, AISI 4570 and AISI 310S qualities.

Dimensions of the round stainless steel bars: from 2mm - 300mm.

We offer Inox bars  (rectangular bars) in AISI 304 quality and in dimensions: width from 10mm - 200mm, thickness from 3mm - 50mm (in stock).

Inox tubes

We offer a wide range of sauce stainless steel tubes welded with HF or TIG procedure in AISI 316L, AISI 441 and AISI 201 qualities.

We offer:

  • Round stainless steel pipes
  • Square stainless steel pipes
  • Rectangular stainless steel pipes

Inox bright wire

We offer a stainless steel bright wire in AISI 304 quality with a hardness of 600-1400 N / m2, with a diameter of 0,8mm - 3mm


In addition to large selection of stainless steel tubes in stock we also have a large selection of stainless steel tube accessories in the form of welding elbows, t-pieces, nipples, sockets, concentric reducer, ball valves, flanges, complet unions ...


  • Threaded stainless steel tubes
  • Hollow bars
  • Seamless stainless steel tubes
  • Polishing paste
  • Welding wire (MIG i TIG)
  • Welding electrodes
  • Welding cleaning paste